The Truth about the Immigration Protests

I was thinking about the immigration boycott that is scheduled for Monday, May 1st. I was wondering why exactly are these protests happening and who is organizing them. What I realized is that there is a group of people behind the scenes that are pulling the strings of the immigrants and illegal aliens that are marching in the streets. It’s one of the largest direct exploitations probably ever and I’ll try to explain why.

The puppeteers of this upcoming event, and most of the others, are after one thing and one thing only. And that is complete amnesty for Mexican natives that cross our border illegally. These protests, for the organizers, have nothing whatsoever to do with illegal immigrants and human rights; it has nothing to do with that. It’s a ruse that is being used to push a more extremist agenda. At first, I thought they wanted amnesty because they really cared about workers rights, but after thinking about it, I came to the obvious conclusion. I asked, why does this group of organizers want a complete open border with America and why are they pushing so hard to get it. And then the simplest explanation came to me and now I’m sure that I know what this is all about.

This is about a group of Mexican-American extremists who are using these immigrants to re-conquer the Southwestern United States. It’s a backdoor effort to take back the territory that these people feel is rightfully theirs. And they’re exploiting the timidness in Washington, the bleeding-heart left, and the lack of security at our southern border. They are not looking to take it back, at least not yet, with weapons or war but with an overwhelming flood of Mexican immigrants. This became evident to me after watching Javier Rodriguez, the organizer of the upcoming May Day protest and nationwide boycott, on Fox News. Watch his attitude and his behavioral pattern, especially his anti-American tendency to say, “your” president and “your” country instead of our president and our country. He also attacked the US military and insulted a mother of a US soldier fighting in Iraq while bringing up the year 1848. She became upset and fired back at Rodriguez. [Watch Video:
WMV or MP4 via ETL]

I’m close to certain that I’m right when I say this is about regaining territory that Mexico lost, and or sold, as a result or precursor to the
Mexican-American war. And if you have watched the video and the attitude of the event planner then I’m hoping that you can recognize what is going on as well. It’s a very devious scheme especially when we see how these groups are trying to tie the protests to the American Civil Rights Movement. Everything, being said by these people, is propaganda designed to get sympathetic Americans to become unknowingly complicit in their effort to change our country. We are beginning to see hints of their true goal but I think that many people gloss over what they see because they assume it's part of a “righteous” effort for “equality”. That assumption could not be any further from the truth. Albeit, many people marching are doing so because they wish to be part of America and wish to have some representational acknowledgement of their contribution to American society. Those people that wish to be Americans and work hard to assimilate should be praised for their efforts.

But as I said, the honest working immigrants are being exploited by people whose ulterior motive is the cultural and symbolic destruction of America. They want their territory back and since they can’t fight for it like honorable men they are doing what they can, which is what’s happening now, to plant the Mexican seed in the United States. The Mexican-extremists know the birth rate of Hispanics and they are counting on a complete flood of illegal immigrants birthing numerous children to eventually become numerically superior in the southern states; effectively taking back the territory they feel is theirs. That is what is happening and that is what you will not hear in the media.