UN Elects Iran to head Disarmament Commission

Jerusalem (CNSNews.com) - Under threat of United Nations Security Council sanctions for its own nuclear program, Iran has been elected to a vice-chair position on the U.N. Disarmament Commission, whose mission includes deliberations on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.The commission's deliberations began last Monday and are scheduled to continue until April 28. On the first day of the commission meeting, Iran along with Uruguay and Chile was elected as one of eight vice-chairs, elected to serve for one year.

Isn’t that something…Maybe the UN has been asleep for several years because I don’t know if they are aware of this, but Iran is spearheading its own WMD program. That might need to be repeated…IRAN IS A TERRORIST STATE THAT IS BUILDING NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND HAS THREATENED TO DESTROY ISRAEL. This is what Sen. Norm Coleman (R) had to say about this: "The election of Iran as a vice-chair of the U.N. Disarmament Commission at the same time as Iran clandestinely pursues its own nuclear ambitions provides yet another example of the U.N.'s inability to establish credible institutions to deal with global issues. Having the Iranians serve on this commission is like asking the fox to guard the hens, and will only ensure its ineffectiveness."

This is an outrage! Not only has the UN placed the world's worst human rights violators on their Human Rights Council but now they decide to place Iran on the Disarmament Commission. Are you fuckin' kidding me! If Hitler was still alive, I’m sure the United Nations would honor him with an award for world peace. This is the same group that John Kerry wanted the U.S. to take orders from. This has to be the last straw, doesn’t it? The United States should stop all funding and all support for this anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist organization that has an agenda against our country. In the Twilight Zone in which we live, this is shockingly typical behavior on the part of the world community. How many times do I have to point this out for people on the left to understand what’s going on. And I predicted this on Monday saying, “The world community will also weigh in on the situation by downplaying the significant steps Iran has taken in its research and development phase of nuclear technology. The UN will do this because they are pacifists.”

This is what is going on, the UN is doing what it can to support Iran’s “right” to acquire nuclear weapons. It's funny because America has been the focus of the world's hatred but actual terrorists have their sympathy. It’s also amazing because the U.S. withdrew its name from the Human Rights nomination process because it was likely that they would not be nominated due to the over-hyping of Guantanamo and Abu Grhiab. The UN condemns the United States for removing a brutal dictator, they condemn the United States for imprisoning terrorists but they reward terrorist states and those who espouse anti-Semitic views. It’s quite clear that the United Nations is pro-terrorist, pro-oppression but anti-American… Is there one legitimate reason why the US should not discontinue funding such an organization?