United Flight 93

As an American this film is important to me and I’m sure that it's importatnt to many other people. The debate about it being too soon or too late is somewhat antiquated because it happened and these people existed. This group of individuals came together in the most dire of circumstances and they elevated themselves to the status of Hero; Heroes in the purest of sense. This war is about TRUTH. The truth that is only witnessed when life becomes angelic and when action becomes the soul of America.

Do you know what it means to be an American? It’s when a plane is hijacked by genocidal extremists that plan to kill our fellow countrymen in our nation's capital by slamming an airliner into populated targets; while we plan to take it back with honor and strength and when the face of evil meets with the face of American citizens who declare, “LET’S ROLL” and sacrifice their lives to save others. That's what it means.

May We Never Forget