Ward Churchill on Hannity & Colmes

In a 20 minute interview Ward Churchill gave us a look into his psyche, which happens to be a typical leftist attitude. Everything is America’s fault and we are an imperialist country blah, blah, blah. The pseudo-intellectual in him led him to argue that collateral damage in Iraq, which occurred after the fact, justified the terrorist attacks on 9/11. And when Sean pointed out that Saddam Hussein murdered, tortured, and raped tens of thousands of people, Churchill gave the typical response in that he refused to directly answer the question and went right into the Abu Ghraib argument. Because in a liberal’s mind Abu Ghraib is equivalent to mass torture and genocide. We saw this type of moronic mentality with Dick Durbin when he compared the actions of the U.S. military to that of Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. Somehow a small percentage of bad behavior by individuals who are now being investigated is equal to the Holocaust and to torture chambers and to the Gulag. It’s a very disturbing way to justify and sympathize with terrorists and with dictators but many on the left have made it an art form.

Another justification Churchill used was that America’s foreign policy is to blame for creating terrorism and because of that, we are just as bad if not worse than Al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations. He used an analogy from his childhood; “My grandfather used to tell me; when I would do something untoward to someone else, he would give something in the same tree to me and asked me how I liked it. And if I didn’t like it he would say now you understand why you don’t do it to other people. Other people are not so much toilet paper or expendable commodities to be used up for the benefit, amusement, whim edification, whatever-of Americans.” He then went on to make the point that because of what we [America] do to other people we have no right to be surprised when, for example, nearly 3000 people are murdered in an act of terrorism. Now, the fundamental flaw of Churchill’s arguments is that he oddly thinks that terrorists have the best interest of the Muslim people in mind; not their own agenda. He thinks that 9/11 happened because America caused harm to Muslim nations and therefore Al Qaeda, in their righteousness retaliated to our action in the defense of their people. That is the fundamental flaw because Al Qaeda does not care one bit about their people nor do they care about protecting Arab nations from the “infidels”. That is where his argument falls short of rational in terms of reality. It’s not an acceptable reason unless you have a predisposition of feeling hatred or dislike towards America.

Another flaw in Churchill’s argument is that he thinks collateral damage while freeing a country is equivalent to purposely targeting innocent women and children to kill. He used the war in Iraq to make the point that there is no difference between collateral damage and acts of terrorism. He is unable, due to his hatred, to differentiate an accidental casualty in an act of war and a murder used by terrorists to come to a political end. He feels that there is no justification for America to use force and at the same time he ascribes justification to terrorists. It’s the leftist logic at its worst. Instead of blaming members of Al Qaeda for purposely killing innocent people he blames America. And in his blind hatred he refuses to realize that the war in Iraq was the result of Saddam Hussein's actions and innaction. Hussein’s genocide and refusal to adhere to his commitments under the 91 surrender agreement and a dozen UN Security Council resolutions resulted in the need for his removal. All Hussein had to do was to comply with resolution 1441 but he did not. Then after refusing to comply with resolution 1441 all he had to do was step down as president but he did not. Those actions and his refusal to meet his obligations to the U.S. and to the world led to war. He made the choice. But this obvious truth is not the way Churchill sees it. Churchill shares the radical terrorist mentality in that he feels that the past is a justification for murdering people today. Al Qaeda hates the Jews as a whole due to past events not living individuals based on their actions. It’s like having the belief that because your great, great grandfather was part of something 150 years ago that means that killing you is justified. Not only that, he views America’s past actions through a leftist prism. He cannot acknowledge that Foreign policy is complicated and sometimes doing what is necessary does not mean doing what is right.

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