ACLU Supports Attacking Families of Dead Soldiers

I was in a good mood drinking a cup of coffee, reading up on the news when I visited one of my favorite sites and read about how the ACLU has decided to defend the rights of a group to protest the funerals of dead American soldiers. They are doing this by filing a federal lawsuit against Kentucky and the new law passed by the state that limits funeral protests. Since last year a radical church-group has been interrupting services of soldiers killed in Iraq. They yell twisted things at the families of the men about to be buried and they carry signs like these, saying “Thank God for dead Soldiers” and “Thank God for IEDs.” I don’t mean from a mile away, out of sight, I mean they are within yards of the funeral and they are within distance of the families who are grieving. It is truly sick. And the Kentucky law is designed to push the group back 300 feet; a very reasonable law and very reasonable distance.

But if yelling at grieving families isn’t bad enough, the ACLU has come to the aid of these maniacs under the guise of free speech. Now, don’t get me wrong, these protests can be viewed as free speech but not when they cause harm to people and disturb the peace. But this is not really about the technicalities of the law and the first amendment; this is about the selectiveness on the part of the ACLU. It is well known that the American Civil Liberties Union is a leftist organization that is opposed to organized religion and deeply hates the United States Military and in particular, the war in Iraq. And the only reason that they have aligned themselves with a church-group is because that group is attacking the United States, the military and the honorable dead American servicemen who fought in Iraq.

Because you know that if the situation were different, say for example, people were viciously protesting an abortion clinic, the ACLU would not be for the protestors’ right to free speech. In fact they have fought on the opposite side when the protesting of abortion clinics is involved. This has nothing to do with anything except attacking the military in the vilest way possible. It’s like this: the ACLU undermines the war on terror, effectively aiding our terrorist enemies, which in turn leads to more American deaths, and then when the dead come home to be buried, they aid in the sick effort to disgrace their sacrifice.

Attorney Defends ACLU Lawsuit:
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