Amnesty Intl: U.S. “Lost Moral Authority”

The left-wing political activist group posing as a Human Rights watchdog has, once again, blamed the United States for the world’s problems. In a recent “report” Amnesty International said the US has lost its moral authority and in a blazingly ignorant fashion, claimed the only way to combat terrorism is to be nice to Al Qaeda instead of defending our right to exist. "The increasing brutality of terrorist and militant attacks is a "bitter reminder that the 'war on terror' is failing and will continue to fail until human rights and human security are given precedence over narrow national security interests."

Human security? That’s interesting because your bogus report made no mention of the fact that Islamic Extremists are brutally murdering hundreds of innocent people per month in Iraq alone. Given that you are so concerned about human rights, at least that’s what you say, it should seem that imprisoning terrorists in Guantanamo Bay is a distant second to killing people…at least if your real concern is human life and its preservation. However, on that issue, I doubt Amnesty International is really concerned because terrorists are not American and their leader is Osama Bin Laden not George Bush.

"There is no doubt that it (the war on terror) has given a new lease on life to old-fashioned repression," Irene Khan, Amnesty International's secretary general, told a news conference. (The United States) has basically mortgaged its moral authority on the streets of Fallujah and Baghdad -- and lost moral authority to speak on this issue," Khan told AP Television News in regard to Darfur.

“Old fashioned repression”? What is that; a reference to Nazi Germany? Or maybe to the UN’s favorite dictator, Saddam Hussein. Or perhaps she meant the actual repression that the N. Koreans are facing under the brutal tyrant Kim Jong-il. But I doubt it…'cause once again, real dictators and terrorists, who target and kill innocent people, don’t have a US flag patched to their shoulder. And we haven’t lost our moral authority; the world has lost its moral compass. The UN is the most corrupt institution on this planet and is rabidly anti-Semitic and anti-American. In fact the genocide in Darfur is a failure of the United Nations and any group that claims the war in Iraq has undermined the effort to stop the genocide is obviously lying. The only way to stop the crisis is to send in NATO troops led by the US. But if that happened we would be labeled warmongers and condemned.

This is my favorite line from A.I. "Guantanamo prison camp is an aberration under international law. And it sends a message to other regimes around the world -- like Egypt or China -- that they too can ignore human rights. They too can lock people up in the name of national security."

A) The United States is not a regime even though the lefty group wants to describe it that way. B) Egypt and China have and will continue to violate human rights with or without the existence of Guantanamo Bay. That ridiculous statement is just like the others we hear all the time from the left. The one that immediately comes to mind is the argument in which they claim that Al Qaeda would treat captured US soldiers with respect if not for the existence of Gtimo. It's crazy but that's what they think.

Anyway, It's not difficult to understand the mentality of groups like Amnesty International. Whatever the United States does is bad and whatever terrorists do is because of the US. Al Qaeda kills 50 people in a suicide blast; we hear no outrage. The US kills 50 terrorists in Afghanistan along with 16 innocent civilians being used as human shields; The US is condemned for the collateral damage, not those who used the human shields.

But I’m sure this so called report will be posted around the globe to fuel the anti-Americanism that has become the sport of the ungrateful world.