Are These People Stupid?

The "World Community", including Kofi Annan and many Democrats are now calling for the United States to hold direct one on one talks with the radical Iranian Regime. But who was it that deplored America’s “unilateralism”? Who was that? Oh yeah, they did! The same people who are now demanding we undercut the coalition that we have built against Iran are the same people who attacked our country for “going it alone” in Iraq. Not to mention that it took great work by the Bush Administration; I mean it took years to get the Europeans together to take some meaningful action. They want us to throw that to the curb because a psycho-leader wrote one meaningless letter right after he denied the holocaust, enriched uranium, threatened Israel with nuclear destruction, housed top al Qaeda leaders, and aided in the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq by providing the insurgents with weapons, money and intelligence. Are you fuckin’ kidding me! Listen, all Iran has to do is stop building nuclear weapons and allow full access to their nuclear facilities. That’s it! That’s all they have to do; it’s not that complicated.

Madeline Albright has been making the rounds on nearly every news show pushing the idea that we should hold one on one talks with the hard-line president. (
FNC) “Albright urged the United States to engage in direct talks with Iran, saying, ‘Rather than thinking it's a clash of civilizations, I think we are in a battle of ideas.’”

Is that so; we are in battle of ideas? What the hell is she talking about…battle of ideas, gimme a break. In case you haven’t noticed Iran has refused diplomacy, they’re enriching uranium while vowing not to stop, and they are building nuclear weapons which they will pass on to our enemies which will lead to the deaths of millions of people. That’s not a battle of ideas you idiot. Oh, and by the way, how did those unilateral talks with North Korea work out for you? How did Bill Clinton’s plan to negotiate with North Korea’s dictator work out, huh? Oh right…they currently have nuclear weapons and are building more. Great job! We will just follow your plan and keep pushing the issue off until Iran gets the bomb and people die.