Bill Bans “mom” and “dad” from Textbooks

You’re not going to believe this but I assure you it is very true. A bill has been steam-rolling its way through, none other than the California State Congress, that will ban the words “mom” and "dad” from every textbook grades 1-12. Not only that, the bill forces schools to educate students about the contributions that homosexual individuals have made to society. All of this nonsense in an attempt to “accurately portray the sexual diversity of our society”. [Story]

In this not so subtle, yet accepted indoctrination, lies the heart of the beast that wishes are country harm. This is just as bad as if a state forced students to learn the Bible. What makes gay people so special that students must learn about their contributions? Hell, I’m special so I demand that California teach how great I am because if they don’t, then that’s discrimination. How dare they not teach my contributions!

What’s next? School kids can no longer comment on the environment because some people might be color-blind and get offended that others get to see the blue sky and green grass? Or how about the contributions of transsexuals to this country or those who practice bestiality? I’m sure at one point in history there was some guy that liked to bang horses who did something good for society. What about midgets? They’re discriminated against all the time…let’s have midget Monday in every school! How 'bout that!

...What the hell is going on in this country?