"The Decider"

I was going to post something on this when it first came out but more pressing stories kept popping up.

President Bush, in a
press conference, backed Donald Rumsfeld and called himself “the decider” on the issue. Seconds after President Bush used that phrase the whacked-left went nuts and claimed he was an idiot because “decider” is not a word. They gathered, like a pack of retarded hyenas, at their favorite websites to make fun of him. But, as usual, the facts proved them wrong. It is an actual word that has an actual meaning…

De*cid*er: is a noun
Or "something that settles the outcome of a contest or argument."

Around the same time, Tim Robbins attacked the President and claimed he was “renditioning” innocent people to be tortured. It just so happens that “renditioning" is not a real word…I thought it was funny because Robbins, like most libs, like to call Bush stupid. And even though they make fun of Georgie Boy, he still received better grades than Kerry did at Yale.
If Bush is dumb that would make them dumber, right?