Democratic Donor; Data-Mining Reporter

Leslie Cauley, the USA Today reporter that broke the now highly contested story about the NSA’s data-mining program is a democratic donor. She also has connections to a former AT&T executive who contributed major money to the Democratic Party and who was even considered a candidate to be the head of the DNC, the job currently filled by Howard Dean.[ Newsbusters ]

This new revelation has sprung forth in the midst of vehement
denials from two of the three phone companies that Cauley calims assisted the NSA in its efforts to track suspected terrorists. The USA today story provided no evidence or direct sources and was released in sync with the nomination of Michael Hayden who, if confirmed, will be the next head of the CIA. The timing of the story, as I pointed out when it broke, seemed to be an effort to damage that nomination and to give Democrats ammunition to attack Hayden for his role in setting up the NSA program.

I’m not saying the reporter is lying, even though she might be. I’m simply pointing out a disturbing pattern that has recently emerged for us to see. It started with Joseph Wilson’s lies in the New York Times designed to damage the administration. He claimed, without evidence, that “yellow-cake” uranium was never sought by Saddam Hussein in Africa and he publicly attacked the Bush administration in an effort to discredit the War in Iraq. Then, of course, we had Mary McCarty. The proven Kerry contributor and former Clinton aid who illegally leaked the “black site” story to the Washington Post. That leak seriously damaged our national security and put at risk the lives of not only the CIA and the military but the American people. I can’t forget to mention the other CIA outing of terrorist plane routes that was leaked to the New York Times; that hurt the country as well. I also can’t forget the NY Times revealing the NSA Terrorist-Surveillance Program. And now we have another Democrat giving away our secrets to Al Qaeda in a political stunt to hurt the nomination of Michael Hayden.

All of these leaks and stories seem to be politically motivated and nearly all of them have been proven inaccurate or flat out false. It’s a trend that speaks to the lengths some in the media and the opposition party will go to wound the current Administration and to hurt the War on Terror.