Drunk and Drunker

Representative Patrick Kennedy was driving while intoxicated yesterday morning and crashed his car near Capitol Hill. The official police report has been obtained by The Smoking Gun and it states that Pat’s “eyes were red and watery, speech was slightly slurred, and upon exiting the vehicle his balance was unsure.” The report also claimed that a contributing factor to the Democratic Representative’s wreck was intoxication.

There are countless jokes that are running through my head but I guess it would be slightly mean to attack a Kennedy for driving drunk. It’s not like this type of behavior is common among their family or even Patrick’s dad, Senator Kennedy. It’s not the type of incident where I can say hey, “like father, like son”. It’s not like anyone died this time.

Who am I kidding, this is hilarious! And what might be funnier than Kennedy redux is that Patrick claimed he was late for a vote on the Hill, but voting ended hours before he crashed. But this guy might deserve a break. He’s was just on a late-night cruise, hammered, driving with no lights and wrecking into things. At least he wasn't on a bridge. Don’t you just love the Democrats? Punching cops and crashing cars…

Breaking News: Kennedy Enters Rehab. Pretending to play the victim; forced to put out statement by Democrats in order to make excuses and in order to avoid undermining the left’s attacks on republicans over corruption. And CNN is already making excuses for him.