Fox News and Dead White Girls

There is one thing that I hate about Fox News and that is how they obsess over dead white girls. It’s bad enough they report on Natalie Holloway every minute of every day but now they're all over this new murder of a college student who was strangled with her bikini top. Cute, white, strangled with a bikini…that's all Fox needs to spend weeks exploiting the story and to bring 50 experts in that say the same damn things over and over and over; milking the death of this girl for all its worth. I’m waiting for Greta van Sustren to do an entire hour on this story, pretending like she really cares or feels bad.

Fox has already called the killer the “bikini strangler” and is speculating on the countless possibilities of who, what, where, and why. They're also brining on the girl's friends to talk about the murdered college student. I’m hoping the killer is caught soon; not just to bring him to justice but to shut Fox News up.

What upsets me is that since Natalie Holloway disappeared, thousands of other people have been kidnapped or murdered and are missing, hoping someone would care enough to come save them. But no, you have to be of a certain persuasion for Greta or Fox to care.

A Beautiful girl who went to the university I currently attend was kidnapped, dragged to the desert, raped and then stabbed 30 times. She was missing for months and did anyone give a shit? No! Her last name was Martinez; which disqualified her, like thousands of others, from being “newsworthy”.