Guardian: Gitmo Attack was a “Protest”

Many people hear about the liberal or the anti-American media but most people, on the left, usually deny the existence of such a thing. However, here at Opinionnation Times I pride myself on pointing out examples of what I know is biased reporting. And today's example is one from the anti-Semitic and anti-American, Guardian Unlimited.

On Thursday night, a group of terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay attacked U.S. guards with weapons fashioned from various objects such as fan blades and metal piping. The detainees were able to launch this attack because one of them faked a suicide attempt while the others waited for the guards to come running in. Fortunately, the guards were able to subdue the attackers with non-lethal force and escaped any serious injury. This story has been widely reported but one article caught my attention. This is how the Guardian described a planned attempt to violently kill United States soldiers.

“The incident was the second organised protest by prisoners in less than a year, following last August's mass hunger strike; it was seen by human rights activists as a sign of growing despair among the prison's inmates”

I guess Al Qaeda suspects trying to kill Americans, according to this Euro-rag paper, is just your friendly “organized protest.” The newspaper also had the gall to mention that some human rights activists view this violent outburst as a sign of despair. The Guardian then tried to sympathize with their beloved Al Qaeda members while trying to demonize the United States. Instead of pointing out how the detainees are TERRORISTS and will kill innocent people if released, the article read as if the United Nation’s call for Gitmo to be closed was a legitimate request from a legitimate world body. -give it a read.