After having to hear the PC fascists and gay people complain about every little joke directed at homosexuals I thought, since they like to charge me and others with being bigots or homophobes, why shouldn’t there be a term for them. Luckily, this morning I was making fun of my brother and when he got upset at my use of the word queer, the term homojokaphobe immediately popped in my head.

Homojokaphobe: Those people, usually gay, who can’t take a gay joke.

We see these people all the time. The easily offended and uptight masses of the politically correct, high horse riding, look at my cute tolerance badge having, Christian and Republican hating, how dare he make fun of me saying, overly flamboyant, bleeding heart whiners. And so, this is for you. Enjoy:

Four gay guys walk into a gay bar and they find a problem. There's only one stool left.

One guy says "Let’s flip for it"

But another says "No, Lets flip it over"