Immigration Protests and the Communist Connection

I wrote an article called “The Truth about the Immigration Protests”, in which I explained how these protests have nothing to do with illegal immigrant “rights” but with an agenda to retake lost or sold territory after or before the Mexican American war. This, I'm sure is true but today I learned something even more important about what's going on. The fact is that some of the other key organizers of the May Day protests are communist operatives using the event as a guise to push their agenda. This is very important to read so please take the time to let it sink in.

CNSNews) Monday, May Day, is International Worker's Day and the communist celebration of the Bolshevik Revolution. It is also a day when illegal immigrants plan to boycott work, school and shopping in an effort to show the contribution of undocumented aliens to the U.S. economy. Calling it "a day without an immigrant," boycott organizers chose Monday because of its socialist and communist roots, according to Lee Siu Hin of Immigrant Solidarity Network.

The socialist anti-war group Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (International A.N.S.W.E.R) was one of the organizers of the April 10 protests that drew hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. The group is also organizing Monday's boycott.

If you are not familiar with ANSWER here is what they represent. (
The New American) On April 20th-23rd [2002] tens of thousands of radical activists converged on Washington, D.C. It was the latest in a string of street theater extravaganzas demonstrating the revolutionary pincer strategy of “pressure from above” and “pressure from below” being employed to systematically dismantle our constitutional safeguards, undermine national sovereignty, and transfer billions of dollars to international institutions. According to the Establishment media, the protesters who converged on D.C., estimated at 50,000-70,000 strong, were mostly determined idealists, opposed to globalization, the war on terrorism, and U.S. Middle East policies.

In truth, the motley mob of militants was led by a coalition spearheaded by the Communist Party, USA and a coterie of veteran extremists hardwired into the global terror network (as well as the Soviet KGB and Cuban DGI) for decades. Most important — and completely unmentioned in the major media reports — is that these street radicals provided the pressure, public distraction, and political camouflage necessary for their supposed opponents at the World Bank to launch a global socialist program in the name of education and yet another bailout of the “former” Soviet Union. While pretending to oppose globalization, the Communist Party leadership and other leaders of the radical Left are agitating incessantly for the ultimate globalization: the transfer of ever more and more power and money to the United Nations and its global institutions.

And guess who founded International ANSWER… Ramsey Clark the former US attorney general/leftist that is currently defending Saddam Hussein…oh, and it gets better; Cindy Sheehan’s favorite socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez, seems to have played a role in organizing these illegal immigration protests as well.

American Thinker) Back in January, Hugo Chavez hoisted the 6th World Social Forum, a gigantic collection of left wing activists from all over the world. During this time, a lot of talk and a lot of planning seems to have taken place, some of it directly relevant to today’s demonstrations. The fact that the demonstration’s web page links back to articles about the Forum, completes the loop. This is not enough proof to stand up in court, perhaps, but it does demonstrate alignment.

It’s noteworthy that Chavez said at the time of the Social Forum that he didn’t want the event to be
just a “revolutionary tourism” event, but a platform for more protests targeted at the U.S “imperialists.” In particular, Chavez praised the effort to stop a border fence even said he wanted to be involved with the U.S. border struggle.

So I was right when I wrote “
The Truth about the Immigration Protests” except I thought it was just Mexican Extremists wanting their land back when it was also a Communist agenda. Here is what Bill O’ Reilly said tonight in his Talking Points Memo.

O’Reilly: Why is it not widely known that some amnesty organizers believe the USA stole the southwest from Mexico therefore all Mexicans have the right to cross the border whenever they want. The slogan is “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us” why is that not being reported on the network news. [Well, I know and I wrote about it but unfortunately I’m not the mainstream media.]
Lou Dobbs also editorialized about the situation:

I could feel what was going on and I could tell, by the interviews done by the organizers, that their true motives were being hidden. I wrote: "These protests, for the organizers, have nothing whatsoever to do with illegal immigrants and human rights; it has nothing to do with that. It’s a ruse that is being used to push a more extremist agenda."