It’s About Damn Time!

The senate just voted to build 370 miles of fencing on the Mexican-American border. Along with the triple-layer fence the senate also voted in favor of building another 500 miles of brand new vehicle barriers. This is the first real step in the long battle against those who wish to uphold the constitution and those who desperately want illegal immigrants to have unfettered access to our country, our tax dollars and our benefits. Surprisingly, the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of building the wall with 86 yay votes and only 16 nays. However, some people were not too happy with the decision.

Leave it to Dick “our soldiers are Nazis” Durbin to complain about taking steps to secure the border. He claimed if this bill passed it would hurt our relationship with Mexico by creating a "barrier" between our two countries. Well, yeah Dick…literally. And I wouldn’t call the corrupt Mexican government, assisting in narcotics and illegal immigrant traffic, a great partner worthy of a relationship. Durbin also said that “What we have here has become a symbol for the right wing in American politics.” I know what he was trying to say but I think that statement only shows how his partisanship blinds him from common sense because what he basically said is that securing the border, enforcing the law, and being fair to legal immigrants is a symbol of the right-wing. While open-borders, amnesty, unfairness and breaking the law is the symbol of the left-wing.

Unfortunately, the President’s weak speech and his intention to use the National Guard only as a smokescreen rather than as a force to stop illegal immigration is a sign that he is not acting in the best interest of the country. I think Bush is trying to pull a John Kerry by pandering to every possible crowd and like Kerry he is doing so at the detriment of the nation. Luckily, even though it seems politically motivated, many Republicans are separating from el Presidente on this issue and have begun the necessary positioning to not only force the Democrats on board but George Bush as well. I’m interested to see how this works out but at the same time I'm tired of all this political maneuvering and anxious to see something done.