Let the Double-Speak Begin

Kennedy’s Statements Before and after: "I was involved in a traffic incident last night at First and C Street SE near the US Capitol. I consumed no alcohol prior to the incident. I will fully cooperate with the Capitol Police in whatever investigation they choose to undertake... At the time of the accident, I was instructed to park my car and was driven home by the United States Capitol Police. At no time did I ask for any special consideration, I simply complied with what the officers asked me to do."

After: "But in all candor, the incident on Wednesday evening concerns me greatly. I simply do not remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police, or being cited for three driving infractions. I’m deeply concerned about my reaction to the medication and my lack of knowledge of the accident that evening."

As you can see, the change in story is quite clear. On one hand Pat remembers what happened that night and says he was not drinking, told to park his car, complied with officers and was driven home. However, after the Democratic handlers got to him, he decided to play the victim saying he does not remember getting out of bed or anything about the incident because of prescription drugs. This happened for one major reason as I pointed it out right after his press conference. I said that Kennedy was “forced to put out a statement by Democrats in order to make excuses and in order to avoid undermining the left’s attacks on republicans over corruption.”

The Democratic campaign for the 2006 election is to attack the GOP by driving-home the phrase “Culture of Corruption”. But the reality of the situation is that the Democrats are just as crooked as the Republican Party and that fact keeps blocking their efforts. It’s funny because the Dems were touting what they labeled a “real security plan” while, at the exact same time, they were bypassing security and
punching cops. And while they were complaining about ethics in the senate, the head Democrat on the ethics committee stepped down amid corruption charges. And when they were attacking the President over the NSA wiretaps, the DSCC used political operatives to steal Michael Steele’s financial records without a warrant. Oh, and don’t forget the left going crazy over Rush Limbaugh’s addiction to pain killers right before they started sympathizing with Patrick Kennedy’s professed drug addiction. I guess they just can't win...