Liberal Idiots Mock McCain

John McCain, a bonafide American hero, was booed and heckled as he delivered a commencement address at the New School in New York City. It’s true; a bunch of pot-smoking liberal whiners turned their backs and booed an American veteran who spent five years in a Vietnamese torture camp. These snot-nosed students, who drive their daddy’s BMW, had the audacity to disrespect a person like senator McCain without hesitation. And what really made me mad was that a graduate student, some 90 lb. little girl, who also gave a speech at the commencement, said this about a grown man who fought in Vietnam, served his country and survived being a POW: “The senator does not reflect the views on which this university was founded. Not only this, but his invitation was a top-down decision that did not take into account the desires and interests of the student body.” Yeah, Some little twerp actually said that while Senator McCain was sitting right there. [ Real Player: Video] Update: ETL has CNN Video

I’m not even surprised these monkeys would do that. That’s what liberal-monkeys do…they live in a fairytale world where they honestly believe they are somehow special. I’ve met these types of people; I’ve had classes with them and they are dead set on being wrong. Liberalism has become nothing more than a sideshow in America. These people are nothing and they are upset because of that fact. They have no ideas; only hatred. They have no clues; only contempt. They are tiny things that wander the streets hoping someone will notice their self-professed intellect. “Hey, look at me, I turned my back on John McCain, I’m so special.”

This is how twisted liberal America is: They self-righteously attack President Bush and McCain for overthrowing a brutal dictator and they charge George Bush with being a war criminal. Yet who did they vote for and unconditionally support in the '04 election? John Kerry! The admitted war criminal who took part in free fire zones, raided villages, likely killing women and children. He also voted for and supported the pre-emptive invasion of Iraq. So which is it morons? You claim Bush lied prior to the invasion but you supported a candidate who said the exact same things; made the exact same charges. You call Bush a war criminal but you turned right around and voted for one in John Kerry. You claim to be tolerant yet your actions prove that you are the most intolerant trolls in the country.

Here’s an idea for those who would heckle John McCain and that dumb little girl who said the senator does not reflect the university’s founding. The next time you feel the need to express your idiocy just do us a favor and kill yourself. No one wants to hear your babble so keep your whiny little ingrate-mouth shut.