Liberalism Gone Mad!

Boulder Colorado is planning to institute an anti-bias hotline designed to allow for individuals to call-in if they have been “victimized” by racial slurs or offensive language. (Colorado Daily) “One of the three ideas would be to establish a pilot Anti-Bias Hotline - a bilingual phone service for people who believe they have been victimized because of their race, sexual orientation or other classifications. Hotline users would be able to talk anonymously, while hotline volunteers would in part be trained to offer referrals.”

I will start by using one of my favorite quotes of all time because I think it fits perfectly with this story. The quote is by Dennis Miller and it states, “Political correctness is inverted McCarthyism.”

I don’t know if people realize that there is something in this country called freedom of speech? Because that concept seems to be, at least in Boulder, secondary to making people feel better. Under the system, if you offend someone at some time that person can dial up this hotline and report you. The report will then be on record and the service could recommend that you be arrested or prosecuted. Because God-forbid the constitution get in the way of lifting the poor spirits of some whiny idiot. Not to mention anyone can report anonymously and claim anything they want about you…even if it’s not true.

This is insanity and because I hate the PC crowd I hope someone will be offended by the following shirt idea of mine:

Death to Political Correctness

Camel Jockey

…They all look the same to me