NSA Compiles Millions of Records...Good!

This morning USA Today put out a piece, although fair, designed to help the democrats attack General Hayden in the upcoming CIA conformation hearings. The report indicates that the Government has collected millions of records of phone information and has compiled those records into a database. The database is used, according to the paper, to generate patterns in an effort to detect terrorist activity. This story has no direct evidence to support their claim nor does it provide any information other than the anonymous source told me it was true. The newspaper provided legitimate rebuttals to the initial story but, as known beforehand, the media doesn’t care to give out any facts just the big “shocker” headline.

According to USA Today, the NSA isn’t even listening or recording phone conversations but simply compiling information in a database to generate patterns. No human being, if this report is true, sees the phone information or the records. It doesn’t even collect names or conversations. Plus, the new Patriot Act specifcally authorizes this type of collection. Of course that doesn’t matter to our Democratic friends that see another opportunity to attack the president for setting up a terrorist prevention program. I guess the Democrats believe that George Bush is seeking all of these records so he can look at every single one and have a good chuckle as if this was some kind of a frat party. As I have said before, the Democrats didn’t care much about privacy when they used a political operative to steal the financial records of Michael Steele. But when it comes to tracking, oh say, terrorists!…then they get upset.

Update: The database only looks at numbers and every number that number connects to. So that way if a call is flagged this new database can quickly bring up every number that the suspected terrorist's number links to. It’s a very great idea and that is why I support it. It makes sense. But I'm not surprised that many people, both Democrat and Republican, are jumping on this story. The GOP feels this is a liability in the upcoming election and the Dems feel this can be used to attack President Bush. I do however, agree that this program should be looked into. Unfortunately, the demagoguery on the part of the opposition party is so outrages that when the facts come out and disprove their wild and idiotic accusations, as usual, it doesn’t really matter because the intended damage is already done. The Bush-haters will hate and beat their chests like the rabid monkeys they are and they will continue to look for more ways to hurt our country. And here I thought we were at war...silly me.