NY Times Comes to Zarqawi's Rescue

Leave it to the typical leftist-piece-of-shit-rag of a paper known as the New York Times to attack the Military over the new Zarqawi blooper tape. You might have seen or heard about the video of the Al Qaeda leader walking around in American sneakers and fumbling with his weapon. Well, the newspaper went out and found some people to “question” the release of the tape and to make excuses for their hero that’s killing the American service members they hate and label war criminals. (NY Times) “An effort by the American military to discredit the terrorist leader by showing video outtakes of him fumbling with a machine gun was questioned yesterday by retired and active American military officers.”

“…several veterans, as well as active-duty officers, said in telephone interviews yesterday that the clips of supposed martial incompetence were unconvincing.” [Interviews the Times sought to get the story they wanted]

‘They are making a big deal out of nothing,’ said one retired colonel. And In response to Zarqawi's inability to fire his gun an “active duty” anonymous source said this, ‘Of course he doesn't know how to use it. It's our gun. He doesn't look as stupid as they said he looks.’” [Nobody said he looked stupid. Plus, he knows how to use Russian weapons so why is the Times making excuses?]

Read how they described the release of this tape by the military. It’s not to counter the advancing propaganda of the enemy that has killed thousands of Americans, but it is simply "dueling" the “public relations” effort of Al Qaeda.

This tape was put out in an effort to discredit our enemy and it worked. So stop sucking up to the guy and stop trying to undermine everything the military is doing to fight the war on terror. It’s bad enough that liberal newspapers oppose every necessary terrorist-fighting method we employ, but now they are willing to use any excuse to bash our efforts and give our enemy comfort.