Oh, That Memorial Day Hatred

On this Memorial Day I leave you with the words of wisdom hatred from our pals at the Daily Kos. This must be that tolerance and keen intellectualism we hear liberals boast about so much…

Today is an important day for each and everyone of us. Our ability to sit at a computer and snark is due to the sacrifice of every man and woman who has put on the uniform of the US Military. Yes, I am a liberal and...

Jeers to YOU FUCKING ASSMUNCH RETHUGLICANS and Joe Liebermanesqe Democrats YOU do not own patriotism. I hate everything that have done to my country, with every ounce of my being.

YOU are the ones who do not support the soldiers. They do not fight for your ideas, they fight for one another. So while you are swilling down you Pabst Blue Ribbon, spilling it on your Dale Ernhardt shirt, screaming USA USA, kissing your brother or sister, another one of my brothers or sisters goes on to their final reward.
YOU are the ones who put in an administration that makes wounded service personal actually pay for the damage to their equipment.
YOU are the ones who put in an administration that refused to do anything, despite being warned, about September 11th. [Sorry, this is me laughing at that]
YOU are the ones who put in an administration that cuts veteran's benefits due to the lack of funds; but can cut taxes for the wealthy who never served anyone but themselves.
YOU are the ones who put in an administration that uses the constitution for toilet paper.
YOU are the fucking homophobes that have cost the service qualified linguists, putting everyone's life, including my daughter's in danger. [Laughing again]
YOU are the idiots who think a ribbon on your car makes you a good Merikin.
YOU are the uptight, micro phalliced, mouth breathers who think a consensual blow job is worse than the treason committed by your dear decider's administration.
YOU are the ones that put in this administration to protect us and what is the FBI doing? Digging up a farm in MI. I hope the find a few terrorist there. I bet Jimmy Hoffa is laughing at you.
YOU are the fools who ruined this country.