A Poll is a Poll is a Holy Shit!

This is almost funnier than Patrick Kennedy crashing his car and blaming it on prescription medication. I was cruising through some of the insane liberal blogs and found some polls put out by the Kos Clown.

First up we have Howard “scream machine” Dean. The question was, "Do you approve of the way Howard Dean is doing his job?” -

Approve: 88%
Disapprove: 8%

88% of the clown’s followers approved of the disaster that is Howard Dean…

Next we have a leadership poll for Harry Reid. "Do you approve of the way Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is doing his job?" -

67% Approve of the job he is doing
23% Disapprove

He also put up a Straw Poll asking his readers to vote for who they want as their Democratic Presidential nominee in ‘08. Amazingly, the person who is actively pushing for impeachment and the censure of the president was their top choice. [I’m only posting the top 4] -

Russ Feingold: 46%
Wesley Clark: 15%
Mark Warner: 10%
John Edwards: 7%

And I saved the best for last. Daily Kos also posted a fantasy Straw Poll in which he included, none other, than Al Gore to the list (it's a fantasy because gore has said he won't run). I would've assumed, given he is Al Gore, that nobody would want him as their nominee. But Kos's visitors are not normal people. I don’t even think they are people. -

Al Gore demolished the other potential candidates with 68% of the vote. Not only that, many of the comments called for an Al Gore, Russ Feingold ticket in 2008. All I can say to that is, DAMN these lefties are crazy. I also hope they get their wish…a Gore/Feingold ticket would ensure Republican victory.

So there you have it; The backwards world of the Democratic Base.