Smokescreen on the Border

President Bush will make a primetime address tonight in which he will announce a deployment of 5000 National Guardsmen to the southern border. I am for placing troops in that area to stem the overflow of illegal aliens that are coming into this country. However, it’s being reported that the Guard is not going to be actively securing the border but simply providing logistical support, construction and transportation duties. If they are not physically along side the Border Patrol then this is only a smokescreen to make it look like something is being done when in reality this helps nothing. If you are going to use the National Guard as a resource then do it in an effective way or don’t do it at all.

Although, I understand this will help Republicans in the fall elections and will put pressure on the congress to speed up legislation for the “comprehensive” border bill but that’s still not the primary issue. It’s a clever political move except I think more would be gained both politically and in security if the Guard was used to actually stop illegal immigrants. This whole thing is an attempt to satisfy the conservative base and it pisses me off because that means they think we are as dumb as the Democratic Party. Democrats believe anything they are told to believe and they fall for the stupidest political ploys. And for me, it’s very insulting to be put down to their level.

If the Guard is going to be used just for support and construction then why not have them build a wall while they’re out there? I don’t want to hear anymore BS from President Bush; just get the job done! Build a wall, put the military out there and protect this country! What is so hard to understand about the situation? The GOP is not going to lose votes, the economy is not going to collapse and the majority of Americans are in favor of protecting the border.

Update, Post Speech 6:30:
My overall opinion of the President’s speech is: Wishy Washy. Nothing in this speech gives me any confidence or indication that this Administration really cares or really wants to do anything about this issue. And as I pointed out, the National Guard will not perform any protective function whatsoever. It’s just window-dressing.

First of all, I don’t care if amnesty is given to every illegal immigrant currently in this country. No problem at all…as long as the border is completely secured today! I can live with 10-20 million illegals in this country; that shouldn’t even be an issue. All the anti-amnesty talk does is bog down the effort to secure our southern border. Stop the flood of illegal immigrants first and then worry about those currently in the country. Build a wall, increase the number of border patrol agents, use new technology, and have the National Guard immediately cut off the flow of immigrants. 6000 Guard troops cleaning toilets isn’t going to do anything.