"The UN Exposed" on the Daily Show

Fox News reporter Eric Shawn was the guest on the Daily Show last night. He was promoting his new book about the United Nations corruption and its diluted efforts to live up to its ideals. The book is called “The UN Exposed” and it is a must read for the people who have yet to come to conclusion that this organization is a failed institute. Many people on the left see the UN as a beacon of hope, which is an indicator of how delusional people can be. And this delusion is not only for the average whacked-liberal; it also takes root in some comedians, including Jon Stewart.

During the interview, Stewart had a difficult time understanding how the UN’s unwillingness to enforce the 17 resolutions it directed towards Iraq led to the war we are currently in. He couldn’t quite grasp how the fact that France and Russia’s promise to veto any war resolution, and their intentions to lift sanctions, gave Saddam Hussein a reason not to comply. If the UN backed the US instead of aiding Saddam Hussein, this war would have never happened. But don’t tell the libs that…they don’t like the truth.

Jon Stewart also tried to downplay the corruption of the United Nations by likening it to the United States...Yes Jon, all countries are corrupt to some degree. But we are talking about the UN. So save your America-bashing for the other 20 minutes of the show. Thanks. It’s funny to watch these people squirm in an attempt to find a way to defend the indefensible. It’s like watching a roach on its back, trying in vain, to flip itself over.

And when Eric Shawn brought up the current Iran issue, Jon Stewart tried to veer the subject away from the inevitable UN-assisted catastrophe by complimenting the organization’s ability to bring countries together. OK jonny boy, we get it, you love the UN; it’s your messiah. Another thing I noticed is how the morons in the audience never laugh or cheer when they hear the truth. You could say Bush is evil and the war is for oil…huge applause; people pissing themselves. Then you can say, legalize weed…huge applause; people crapping themselves. But if you mention how France, Russia and the UN were bribed by Hussein, all you get is…but America blah, blah, blah.

I’m hoping a video of the interview is posted but if you want to see Eric Shawn on Hannity & Colmes you can check it out here:
WMV or MP4 video via ETL