Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo

"Predictably, the left wing press has run with the alleged massacre at Haditha, Iraq. Editorials are screaming about holding all those involved accountable; people like Congressman John Murtha are already convicting the military and the Bush administration.

As Investor's Business Daily put it, 'the press is salivating over the prospects of an Iraqi My Lai.' Why do so many rejoice when bad things happen to the USA? That's the key question, and the answer is that some Americans, including many in the press, honestly feel the Bush administration is evil and its policies have led to Abu Ghraib and now Haditha.

Most honest people acknowledge that the US military has performed heroically and humanely under extremely difficult circumstances in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since President Bush is the Commander in Chief and Donald Rumsfeld is in charge of military operations, don't the heroics of our service people reflect well on them? If you blame them for the bad stuff, shouldn't you praise them for the good stuff?

But we're not talking about fairness here; we're talking about media people and politicians saying 'I told you so' about Iraq. Every bad thing that happens there will be used by the left wing press and the John Murtha’s of the world to hammer home their mantra - 'Bush is a fool and the war is wrong.' So let's get this straight once and for all. If military people break the law or cover up crimes, they should be harshly punished. But there's no bigger picture here, at least not now. And anyone who uses the crimes in Iraq to besmirch this country is wrong and should be called on it. And trust me - they will be on this broadcast."

And you know what? Bill’s absolutely right. But I think I beat him to the punch and even took it one step further by explaining how and why the media is “salivating" over this story. Haditha and its Exploitation