Bush Gut-Checks Liberal Justices

Today, President Bush issued an Executive Order to limit eminent domain property seizures. WASHINGTON -- President Bush ordered today that the federal government cannot seize private property except for a public use such as a hospital or road. The move occurred on the one-year anniversary of a controversial Supreme Court decision that gave local governments’ broad power to bulldoze people's homes to make way for private development.

The majority opinion in the Supreme Court case involving New London, Conn., homeowners limited the homeowners' rights by saying local governments could take private property for purely economic development-related projects because the motive was to bring more jobs and tax revenue to the city.

If you recall, the Liberal Justices of the Supreme Court, with their socialist tendencies, disgraced the United States of America by expanding eminent domain to satisfy state governments’ ability to generate tax revenue. People have been forcibly removed from their homes to make way for shopping malls and other types of private development. This has been happening all across the country with virtually no press…except from Hannity & Colmes who have been on the forefront of pointing out this travesty.

Of course, we heard little to no outrage from Democrats over this Supreme Court ruling, which is a significant threat to the elemental foundations of the Constitution. They were too busy feigning outrage over necessary terror-fighting programs that pale in comparison to the fact that the government was given the power, by the Supreme Court, to seize your property for no good reason.

But as of now, President Bush has regained some of the respect that he, at one time, so fiercely garnered from me. He is showing a sign of his past self and this Executive Order does a lot to protect the rights of the American people. The President should be praised for this bold response to those who want to unjustly steal your property...