CIA Used Secret Prisons…Maybe

The Washington Post is reporting on theories from a European investigation that concluded the United States used secret prisons to house terrorists from around the world. These conclusions are admittedly based on no factual evidence but I’m sure they will aid greatly in the world sport of America hating.

(Washington Post) A European investigator concluded Wednesday that there are "serious indications" that the CIA operated secret prisons for suspected al-Qaeda leaders in Poland and Romania as part of a clandestine "spider's web" to catch, transfer and hold terrorism suspects around the world.

In addition, Dick Marty, a Swiss investigator working on behalf of the Council of Europe, the continent's official human-rights organization, said at least seven European nations colluded with the CIA to abduct and secretly detain terrorism suspects… "Even if proof, in the classical meaning of the term, is not as yet available, a number of coherent and converging elements indicate that such secret detention centers did indeed exist in Europe," Marty wrote.
“A number of converging elements", eh? First of all, I don’t believe anything any human rights organization has to say, especially from Europe. But I do believe the United States used “black sites” to detain and possibly extract information from suspected terrorists. I believe it because that’s what a responsible security agency should do to combat global terrorism and I’m proud that European countries, despite their politically motivated public opposition, are willing to assist the CIA in their clandestine efforts. This is a war in which rules matter less and quaint human rights laws are second to national security. And the more the so called human rights groups complain the stronger my support for these activities grow.

However, I am upset at one statement in the Washington Post report. The Post has not published the names of the East European countries involved in the covert program, at the request of senior U.S. officials, including a direct appeal from President Bush. They argued that the disclosure might disrupt counterterrorism efforts in those countries and elsewhere and make them targets of possible terrorist retaliation. Well gee wiz, how noble of you. This coming from the newspaper that illegally leaked the CIA program in the first place. This from the same paper that endangered the country and our allies to attack the Administration via the CIA. Self-righteous bastards!