Democrats' Hopes Dashed on Rove News

Karl Rove seems to be cleared of any wrongdoing based on the announcement that he will not be facing any charges linked to the Valerie Plame case. (Washington Post) Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has told White House aide Karl Rove that he does not expect to seek charges against him in connection with the CIA leak case, Rove's lawyer said today... In a statement this morning, Robert Luskin, Rove's attorney, said that Fitzgerald "has formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges" against Rove.

This news comes at a time when both political parties are beginning to implement their strategy for the upcoming mid term elections. The Democrats were anxious to use the charge of "culture of corruption" against the Republicans and their main avenue of attack, before today, was to use Karl Rove as the poster child. Basically, Rove was the hinge that held together their swinging arms of hate. On one arm it’s attack President Bush and on the other arm was the phrase culture of corruption.

But as you well know, the Democrats have been mired in scandal for the past few months; making it more difficult to apply their election plans to retake the House of Representatives. And now with Karl Rove being cleared, it’s nearly impossible for them to effectively use him as a lightning rod. However, I’m sure that the opposition party will continue to placate their base by harping on the Plame issue and they will continue, despite the lack of evidence, to attack the president over the Rove/Plame issue. I say that I’m sure because Howard Dean has already tried to do exactly that. Upon hearing the news from Patrick Fitzgerald about the president’s top advisor, Dean said this, “If the President valued America more than he valued his connection to Karl Rove, then Karl Rove would have been fired a long time ago. So I think this is probably good news for the White House, but its not very good news for America.” -

Obviously, by Dean’s statement, the Democrats think that being innocent of any alleged misconduct is somehow bad news for America. Actually, what Dean really means is that Rove not facing indictment is bad news for him and his party. And the fact that “Bush’s Brain” will not be facing charges, leaves the Democrats with only one option; the same option that they have used for 5 years. That option is, of course, to relentlessly and incoherently bash President Bush.