Down With the Dreadful Democrats

While the left is whining about Guantanamo Bay and the poor terrorists who are imprisoned there, captured US soldiers are having their hearts cut out and their genitalia ripped off and stuffed in their mouths. So my question is, where the fuck is John Murtha? Where the hell are these so called Human Rights groups who deride the United States because we put monsters like those who killed Kristian Menchaca and Thomas L. Tucker away at Gitmo? Where the hell are you! Not one little statement condemning the actions of those we are at war with.

Murtha, I’m waiting you blubbering, incoherent idiot. While you’re busy bashing the troops to look good for the anti-war nuts and saying we should redeploy from Iraq to Okinawa in order to fight the war on terror, you completely ignore the fact that we are at war with Islamofascists who want to kill us all; While they are chopping off the heads of Americans and mutilating the US forces they capture.

I’m getting tired of this and I’m getting tired of trying to play nice with leftist morons. Those of you who knew me from my first website on ModBlog are about to get some classic Opinionnation. The Opinionnation before I cared about trying not to offend people.

Listen up John Murtha, you piece of shit. You need to take your left-wing driven, anti-military rhetoric and shove it up your ass. I’m tired of people like you condemning United States Marines for no reason other than to make your tinfoil lefty-clan happy. You fuckin’ traitor! Always looking to score cheap-shot political points by calling US Marines cold blooded killers, eh. How many slanders is that from the left, Huh? “They [the troops] are Nazis, they’re the forces of Stalin, they operate Gulags, and they’re cold blooded killers.” Let me know if I forgot some…

The Democratic Party has devolved into in a pack of deranged hyenas. The Dems don’t care about anything other than regaining power. From outing CIA operations to sympathizing with terrorists; the left has become the party that supports our enemies. The party willing to throw their own country under the bus. The Party that from which nothing good can come…the party that is nothing. We saw them devolve…they started out by supporting the war, then to bashing Bush then to outing CIA operations, and when that didn’t work, they went after our forces in Iraq.