Hate The Troops; Love Al Qaeda

Well, you probably have heard about the 3 Gitmo detainees who successfully committed suicide. (Washington Post) Three detainees at the U.S. military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, hanged themselves in their cells yesterday morning, the first inmates to die at the remote island prison since it opened in early 2002, according to military officials. Personally, I don’t have any sympathy for any captured terrorist that is being held abroad or in Guantanamo Bay. And I find their suicide to be a relief because they were unable to strap a bomb belt to their waist and were forced to kill only themselves. But that’s me not the liberal internet-folk. I’m sure you don’t have to guess what their reaction was to this story but I will post it anyway because it says a lot about them and their beliefs.

As you might have known, our friends on the left have really been disturbed by the suicides of the people with whom they have so much respect. The
Daily Kos Clown has an interesting take on the story. And by interesting I mean completely off-the-chart anti-American. This is what his site posted: Today's news is sad, but not surprising. When man manufactures hell on earth, it is not surprising that death becomes a tempting avenue of escape.

Oh, “Today’s news is sad”. Really, it’s sad? A terrorist is caught on the battlefield trying to kill American troops and when he commits suicide because he realizes the US isn’t going to bow down to misguided international pressure and release him, that’s sad? I don’t feel upset…but then again I don’t hate my country and the troops.

Next, the Daily Kos accuses man (the US Military) of making hell on earth. Meaning Guantanamo is a torture camp and these poor terrorists are being tortured in a prison reminiscent to Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. Of course that’s not true. The majority of detainees are not mistreated in any way. But don’t let reality get in the way of liberals and their America-hating.

“It’s not surprising that death becomes a tempting avenue of escape.” Right, because these detainees are in hell on earth and the only way to escape the evil clutches of "American hegemony" is not to renounce violence or stop being a terrorist, but rather not get caught. Because if you’re caught killing innocent people or fighting against American troops, God forbid you end up in Guantanamo Bay and be forced to kill yourself.

This is what Bill Goodman of the Center for Constitutional Rights, a New York-based advocacy group that oversees lawyers representing many of the detainees, had to say: "These are the latest victims and the most serious so far in the ongoing effort of this administration to impose a lawless system that denies justice... This is an act of desperation...A system without justice is a system without hope." -SFGate.Com-

These are the latest victims, eh? The latest victims are those who died in suicide blasts today. Blasts perpetrated by your beloved freedom fighters, not three detainees offing themselves. And dead terrorists sounds like justice and fairness to me-- Don’t you love Liberal America. Quick to condemn American Marines in Haditha and quick to sympathize with terrorist detainees.