High School Shuts Up Their Valedictorian

Free speech is all well and good for groups like the ACLU…except, of course, if they don’t like what’s being said. Not only does the ACLU and like-minded people hate the first amendment but they actively support people who assist in the outright censorship of individuals who express opinions for which they disagree. For example, the high school valedictorian of Foothill High in Nevada was censored by her own school while she was giving a speech at their graduation ceremony. Brittany McComb’s microphone was cut in mid-speech for the simple fact that she wished to thank and acknowledge God and Jesus Christ. Her God-given and more importantly her protected right to free speech and expression was ripped away by the very same school that taught her the meaning of the Constitution.

(Review Journal) The decision to cut short McComb’s commencement speech Thursday at The Orleans drew jeers from the nearly 400 graduates and their families that went on for several minutes.

However, Clark County School District officials and an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union said Friday that cutting McComb’s mic was the right call. Graduation ceremonies are school-sponsored events, a stance supported by federal court rulings, and as such may include religious references but not proselytizing, they said.

They said McComb’s speech amounted to proselytizing and that her commentary could have been perceived as school-sponsored.

Thanking God is proselytizing? That must be in the same ridiculous realm of banning high school football teams from saying a team prayer before the game. First of all, the separation of church and state was meant to stem the formation of an actual theocracy not to outlaw the first amendment. Secondly, as Stop the ACLU pointed out, the school could have easily used a disclaimer stating that the views of their valedictory speaker were not those of the school. Instead, they choose to cut this young girl off for no other reason but to prevent her from expressing her opinion; the same opinions that are specifically protected in the first amendment. However, I must point out that the school district has the 9th US circuit court of appeals on their side...but we know what the 9th circuit is; we all know it’s the most liberal court in the country.

It seems that a perceived promotion of religion, in the minds of some people including the school, outweighs the actual first amendment to the constitution of the United States of America. Oh, not to mention people like Jay Bennish, the high school teacher who was caught indoctrinating his students with leftist propaganda, and Ward Churchill have free reign to say what they wish. Leftist teachers indoctrinating young students, OK…thanking God in a speech, not OK, and worthy of censorship. Side Reference: The American Civil Liberties Union is weighing a ban on public dissent for its members. So much for that freedom they claim to be protecting -story-
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