If I Only Had A Brain

Have you ever had the feeling, when you’re arguing with a liberal on the net, that you’re dealing with some obnoxious twerp that was laughed at and mocked in high school? Well, now you know why I started calling the people at Daily Kos, the Kos Clowns.

Palm Beach Post) For all the bashing of the mainstream media at the YearlyKos convention, the bloggers in attendance clearly wanted to be taken seriously by the reporters covering the convention. Their blogs frequently quoted from mainstream newspaper articles, and they tried to have their photographs taken with the likes of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. [As if Maureen Dowd isn’t just as nuts as the Kos Clowns]

…But some started to worry about the image they were projecting outside the blogosphere on Saturday when some bloggers started an unusual contest - making the most original tinfoil hat.

Memo to Kos: Keep Your Supporters in the Basement

Just when a person has come to the conclusion that the liberal internet-folk cannot possibly be any more useless, they remind us all of how much we underestimate their absurdity. I have had to deal with people like the ones pictured above for some time now and I can assure you that I’m not surprised they would actually wear tinfoil hats at their blogger convention.

Those hats are what must keep logic and sound reasoning from influencing the left’s discourse.