Insurgents Execute 21; No Outrage

BAGHDAD -- Masked gunmen methodically separated two busloads of passengers into Sunnis and Shi'ites before fatally shooting 21 Shi'ites yesterday, the latest attack in an ethnically driven campaign of violence that is systematically dividing the capital, one neighborhood at a time.

"They asked us to show our IDs, and then instructed us to stand in a line, separating the Sunni from the Shi'ite due to the IDs and also due to the faces," said Ismail, a wounded Shi'ite Kurd who told the Associated Press from his hospital bed that he survived by pretending to be dead.

The young man, who asked that his last name not be used, said the gunmen ordered the Shi'ites to lie down before they began firing. "On behalf of Islam, today we will dig a mass grave for you. You are traitors," he quoted one of them as shouting.

This massacre happened yesterday and is a clear-cut incident that requires no investigation to understand what happened. However, these killings, the horrible executions of almost two dozen innocent people has yet to garner the attention of the liberal internet-folk. I guess I can’t blame them; they are too busy being outraged at the US Marines in Haditha. They are too busy using that story as a way to attack the Administration. John Murtha is too busy using it to push his immediate withdrawal agenda and he just doesn't have the time to condemn our enemies...that's reserved for our troops

What really upsets me is how so many people (Democrats) are reveling in the allegations that US Marines might have murdered innocent people. It’s almost as if they are rooting for the United States military to be caught up in these types of investigations…scratch that, they are rooting for incidents like Haditha. The anti-war left believes the more accusations against their fellow Americans and the defenders of their freedom, the more likely we are to surrender to Al Qaeda in Iraq. The more likely it is for the evil American empire and its Nazi-like troops to be defeated and sent packing. The easier it is for them to hate Bush…