Opinionnation Definition: “Libocracy”

Libocracy- li*boc*ra*cy- li bokressee: The totalitarian beliefs of the leftist population whose main goal is to demolish the institutions of religion and censor any speech that is designated, by their perception, as threatening of their goal.

Their main weapon: activist courts such as the 9th circuit court of appeals.

Their main argument: the separation of church and state trumps freedom of expression, religion and speech especially public expressions of faith, e.g., banning high school team-prayers prior to games, under God out of the pledge of allegiance, and public displays of remembrance that incorporate religious symbols.

The Extremes: Groups such as the ACLU suing to have the name of the city of Las Cruces, NM changed because it means the crosses in Spanish or the removal of historic symbols such as the cross in the California state seal.