"Republicans Stole the Election"

I wasn’t going to post anything about the new, or shall I say, the regurgitated conspiracy theory that tends to only placate the awesomely delusional left-wing. However, since news outlets like CNN are more than happy to give credence to such ridiculous notions, such as those coming from Robert Kennedy Jr., I figured it was worth pointing out how sad and desperate the Democrats have become.

Robert Kennedy wrote an
article in Rolling Stone that outlined what he claims is proof that shows how the evil Republicans stole the 2004 presidential election. He provides absolutely no evidence but he does provide enough vagaries to convince the easily misled that John Kerry actually won the election and should be president. I’m not going to waste my time countering every argument made by Kennedy but you can read an article by John Hawkins that outlines how the charges from RFK Jr. don’t make sense. “This is same sort of thing that the moonbats who claimed the Pentagon wasn't hit by a plane used to sell so many books to liberals and Frenchmen. The point isn't to make solid arguments, it's to sling out countless accusations, true or false, from reputable sources or not, and then say that unless all your wacky claims are disproved -- then only a conspiracy could explain it! Meanwhile, any contrary evidence, no matter how devastating it may be to your case, is simply ignored as if it didn't exist.

To Kennedy, things like making sure that voter addresses match up to where they actually live and purging the voter rolls of people who no longer live in a district are nefarious acts while poorly handled elections in districts that are run from top to bottom by Democrats are clearly part of a Republican plot. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not, the important thing is just to run up the number of accusations.”
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To me, this Kennedy conspiracy is like Hollywood trying to comfort themselves with shows like the West Wing and Commander in Chief. Liberals are so distressed that they are forced to create fantasy Democratic presidents in order to keep from having to face reality with a moral standard. In real life Liberals are so full of hate and rancorous politics that in order to fulfill the ideals they falsely claim they stand for, e.g., peace, tolerance, and understanding, they must create an environment in which they can enjoy a positive reinforcement of their own self-aggrandizing delusions. Kennedy cannot cope with the fact that his party lost the election so he created a fantasy world for himself and is now using it to elevate his stature among his self-righteous liberal brethren while attacking the GOP.