Russert Points Out Murtha Hypocrisy

Representative John “our Marines are cold blooded killers” Murtha was spewing his cut and run argument on Meet the Press this morning. However, early in the interview Tim Russert pointed out the difference between John Murtha in 2004 and Murtha in 2006 in regards to his position on “immediate withdrawal”. -Video via ETL-

Murtha, 2004: A war initiated on faulty intelligence must not be followed by a premature withdrawal of our troops based on a political timetable. An untimely exit could rapidly devolve into a civil war, which would leave American foreign policy in disarray as countries question not only America’s judgment but also its perseverance.

Hmm, why the sudden change in rhetoric from the Pennsylvania Democrat? What’s the difference between then and now…? Could his calls for immediate withdrawal be based on a political timetable?

Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha, one of the Democrats' leading anti-war voices, startled his party colleagues Friday by announcing he would seek a senior leadership position if the Democrats win control of the House in November… "If we prevail as I hope and know we will and return to the majority this next Congress, I have decided to run for the open seat of the majority leader," Murtha, a Pennsylvanian, said in a letter sent to House Democrats.

So, according to Murtha’s original position on pulling out of Iraq, he is basically accusing his new self of being willing to sacrifice American Foreign policy and undermining our country’s perseverance for a politically timed call for withdrawal. Thanks Johnny Boy, you saved me the trouble of having to point that out.

But what did the troop-basher have to say in the interview…it couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous than that hypocritical position? Wait…this was Murtha's response to the idea that Iraq might become a stable Democracy in two years: I would hope that…but we’ve become the enemy…we all want the same thing, we want something to happen, we want a democratic government. But that’s not happening the way we're doing it…international diplomacy is the key and we have to restore confidence…the whole world looks at us like we're the bad guys.

Oh, he couldn’t help it could he? A) The world thinks we are the bad guys because they have no understanding of anything outside of the argument, “everything is America’s fault”. B) Any person who truly believes that international diplomacy is the key to a stable Iraq needs serious psychological treatment; for they are delusional. I think Murtha needs to be reminded that the “world community” was busy helping Saddam Hussein prior to the war and are now unwilling to help the Iraqi people in any real way. C) Iraq has a democratic government…I don’t know if he knows that. And Murtha’s argument that America has become the enemy of the Iraqi people must be why so many people on the political left love the man. Memo to Murtha and his tinfoil friends: The only reason Iraq is unstable is because of the terrorist-insurgent groups, not the United States.

Anyway, good luck with your bid for House Majority Leader. You sure have walked over a lot of dead bodies and stabbed a lot of Marines in the back to get it.