Things You Won’t See on the Daily Show

Do you remember about a week ago when the news broke about Homeland Security cutting terrorism funding to New York and Washington DC. And do you remember when Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton plastered their faces all over the news proclaiming their outrage over the funding issue. Well, in typical liberal fashion it turns out that Hillary and Chuck Schumer both voted for cuts in terrorism money. (NewsMax) According to Newsday, the Democratic duo backed a $95 million cut last December in funding from the Centers for Disease Control for bioterrorism programs around the nation. Of that amount, approximately $3 million would have gone directly to New York City.

This is what Schumer had to
say about President Bush: Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., on Thursday said President Bush “should not come back to New York and stand with us” until his administration comes up with more money to keep New York safe. “This is wrong and unfair, but also outrageous,” Schumer said. “The bottom line is this is abandoning New York.”

And this is what Hillary Clinton had to
say about the funding cuts: “The Department of Homeland Security should ensure that our limited homeland security funds get to where they are needed... As we approach the solemn and tragic fifth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we are sadly reminded that New York is on its own... These cuts demonstrate this Administration's continued failure to grasp the unique security threats that face New York. Our nation remains at risk and eliminating funding for areas most in need – like New York – demonstrates a pre-9/11 mentality that we should not tolerate.”

At least the two of them deserve an "A" for effort. Despite their constant lies and misleading rhetoric they always seem to come out unscathed. Rest assured this obvious hypocritical stance on terrorism funding will continue to go unreported. I say it all the time and I guess I’m forced to say it again: Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer are some of the worst political hacks known to man. It never ends…It's like when the Dems blamed Bush for them voting for the war in Iraq.