AmericaBlog Upsets Its Fringe Readers

In case you don’t know, AmericaBlog is a major whacked-left website that represents the utter nonsense that is typical of what I call extreme liberalism. However, the administrators of that blog, who are horridly insane themselves, were undoubtedly shocked when their readership went nuts over a post asking a very fair and legitimate question. It was as if these people were so dependent on reading extremist diatribes launched at Republicans, George Bush and Israel that when they barely glanced at a moderate view of the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah their heads exploded.

The article posted was about the 34 dead civilians that were killed at Qana purportedly by an Israeli air strike. (As of now it looks like the evidence of this incident points to it being a legitimate target where Hezbollah purposely launched rockets and used civilians as human shields for propaganda purposes; which worked by the way). Anyway, the AmericaBlog article written by John in DC

So here's the ethical question of the day. Someone is firing hundreds of missiles at your citizens each day, and launching them from civilian areas because think they think you won't hit back (or hope you do, and thus kill civilians, causing a storm of bad publicity). As for the civilians, it's an open question whether they are helping harbor the guys with the missiles or not, i.e., whether or not they have a say in telling Hezbollah to take a hike (and if they do have a say, would that change your answer)?

So the question is this, under those circumstances, what do YOU do as the leader of country that's receiving 100 rockets a day raining down on your cities? Second question, which I've posed before. At what point does a local citizenry become responsible for the crimes it supports?

Those are fair questions, right? Well, at least to the non-deranged they are fair questions; questions that should be asked. But not to the their readers. To their readers that very moderate post is a “Church of Liberalism” sacrilege aimed at the very heart of the foundations of extreme liberalism. So naturally, came the denial; the denial that Hezbollah uses human shields…which is classic leftist. Then came the attacks on John: -Link- Out of the nearly 600 comments only a handful actually made sense. And When the extreme left is no longer extreme enough for the fringe left; you know this world is totally backwards. Here is one of my favorites: -John jumped the shark one this one....Inexcusable puppet that he is… JOHN YOU ARE ONE SUCH TERRORIST…. Now it's time to call on your spo[n]sors to pull ou[t] of this blog.