The Border, Abortion, Gay-Marriage, and Iraq

This blog has been denounced as a Right Wing Neocon blog simply because of my disdain for the liberal agenda and the Democratic Party. So I have decided to lay out my positions on some of the most devisive issue in America today because I happen to think I am a very moderate Republican. In fact if the Dems would have nominated Dick Gephardt as their candidate in 2004, I might have voted for him over my man GW.

Abortion: Against abortion in principle but I am pro-choice if the person is of adult age and the abortion takes place within a limited amount of time. I’m against all late-term procedures and vehemently against any underage females using groups like Planned Parenthood to receive any such procedure. All persons underage must have legal guardian consent in order to have any surgery or any procedure of the magnitude of an abortion. Not only do I feel parental consent is required but all underage persons who choose to terminate a growing life should be forced, by the state, to take at least a short term counseling program that helps with the psychological aspects of making such a choice.

Gay Marriage: I am for gay marriage if it is voted into law by a state legislative process; by the people. I am against gay marriage being made legal though the Supreme Court or any Bill or amendment passed at the federal level. I am also against an amendment banning same sex marriage but am against gay-marriage in general. However, I am strongly in favor of Civil Union legislation because I believe that same sex couples should be recognized by the state and have similar financial and medical rights as married couples.

The Border: I don’t mind giving amnesty to illegal immigrants that are already in this country but they must register within 90 days of any such announcement. I don’t mind allowing these people to stay, not only because they have been here and likely have children who were born in this country, but because it is logistically impossible to deport 20 million people. Although, any amnesty given to any illegal alien must only come when the southern border of the United States is completely secured and a very stringent screening process is in place. After a wall is constructed in strategic places and the Border Patrol agency is significantly increased and a screening process or guest worker program is operational, any illegal alien caught thereafter must be jailed and immediately deported…no questions and no exceptions.

The War in Iraq: I strongly support the effort in Iraq and the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power and the attempt to establish a Democratic State and the process of creating a foothold in the heart of the Middle East. However, I do not agree with the way this war has been handled by the DOD, specifically Donald Rumsfeld. I strongly disagree with the “hearts and minds” strategy and feel that the Powell Doctrine should have been implemented. I think that President Bush should immediately fire Donald Rumsfeld for gross incompetence on the Iraq front and beg General Powell to return or replace him with someone who can win this war. In other words, we need to take the damn gloves off!