Can't We All Just Hate Each Other

I’ve been reminded of something about people on the left that was highlighted by a blogger who recently commented on my site. He kept insisting that I am an ignorant, hate-filled person who is basically causing the erosion of intelligent debate. However, while at the same time he was on his high horse lecturing me about how negative my politics can be, he kept attacking me personally and calling me names. He literally would contradict himself in nearly every paragraph he worte. This type of hypocritical behavior is not new so I’ve come up with a model of some of the typical contradictory arguments we hear from Liberals

Tell me if this sounds about right:
-We should all love and embrace each other- you fuckin’ idiot!
-Why can’t we all get along- you stupid neocon warmongering Nazi!
-We are all people of the world and we all deserve respect- God I hate religious Jesus-freaks
-We liberals are intellectuals- hey, get the pie ready, we’re gonna throw it at Ann Coulter
-People hate too much in politics- yeah, especially those gay bashing toothless rednecks. Man those stupid rednecks hate too much.
-We want a civilized debate- Too bad the corporate shills and evil fear-mongering Nazi rethuglicans who oppress minorities and contribute to the war machine, don’t.

What I find funny is that they will say these types of things and never recognize the irony of it. And I just want to make one more point: Yes, we know you hate Bush, we know you hate the military, we know you hate Republicans, we know you're intolerant of opinions and positions that differ from yours, we know you're a bunch of bitter and desperate human beings searching for something that can make you feel better, we know that. Just let it go...Gore lost, Kerry lost…get over it.