Dems: Geneva Convention Not Important

In a new Opinion Dynamics poll, the majority of Americans feel that newspapers like the New York Times should be prosecuted for outing secret programs designed to catch terrorists. 66% of Americans feel news outlets, that make it easier for terrorists to operate by publishing secret programs, should face criminal charges. Only 27% of those polled felt the opposite way.

**Another interesting question had to with our treaty commitments and if we should honor those commitments if it meant releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay. Do you think the United States should honor its international treaty commitments to other countries, even if that means releasing dangerous enemy fighters from Guantanamo Bay?

54% of Americans said “no” we should not honor certain treaties if it meant releasing gitmo inmates. Surprisingly, the majority of registered Democrats agreed with that position. 47% of Dems said “no” we should not adhere to certain treaties in this case and 36% said “yes” we should honor those commitments even if it meant releasing terrorists.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that moderate Democrats still exist; especially when the liberal internet-folk have hijacked their party. kudos...

However, the question I really loved was the one that asked respondents to weigh which side these leaks helped; the public or our enemy: The Bush administration asked the New York Times not to publish information about the secret government program tracking terrorist financing. The New York Times went ahead with the story and says it decided it was in the public interest to do so. By publishing the story, do you think the New York Times did more to help the American public or more to help terrorist groups like Al Qaeda?

60% of Americans felt that the New York Times aided Al Qaeda and only 26% felt the published leak helped Americans. It’s interesting because the Democrats polled were evenly split at 42% over which side the leak helped. Yet Independents and Republicans overwhelming saw the outing of this program as helping Al Qaeda.