It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the Infidel!

Muslim Readers Fear Superman
I woke up this morning and read a story that really made me laugh and at the same time, made me very worried. The story is about an advertisement in the newspaper 7Days based out of Dubai. They ran a special about the new Superman Movie where they had the man of steel being seen flying over Dubai and over Luxor in Egypt. Of course Superman is a fictional character but don’t tell some Muslim readers of the 7DAYS that.

The newspaper was forced to post a disclaimer about the advertisement because it received enough phone calls from freaked-out readers who thought there was a real American named Superman actually flying over the Middle East.

Disclaimer: 7DAYS would like to point out that the four-page ‘Daily Planet’ supplement carried in yesterday’s paper was an advert for the release of the new movie ‘Superman Returns’. Superman has not really been spotted flying down Sheikh Zayed Road nor has he been seen swooping over Luxor in Egypt. 7DAYS would like to thank those readers who thought otherwise for their concerned telephone calls.

Yeah, it’s hilarious just thinking about some person pissing their pants at the thought of a flying infidel but it’s also pretty scary to know that some people are so contemptuous or paranoid of America that they could come to believe that Superman is real and might threaten their beliefs. I don’t know if it speaks to a middle ages mindset or if it’s a product of a systematic indoctrination in the Arab world…maybe both. Either way it is outright funny. -Superman, the new secret weapon of the Americans that was conjured up with the help of Satan... and he's comin' for your oil!