LA Times Blames Bush for Zidane Headbutt

Most people believe that the Italian player, Marco Materazzi, instigated Zidane’s reaction by cursing his mother and sister. According to the Times of London, Materazzi called Zidane the “son of a terrorist whore”.

So naturally, at least in the mind of the LA Times, that quote means all the blame should be placed upon President Bush. Yes, it’s all Bush’s fault that he head-butted the Italian player. (
Pat Morrison LA Times) NOW WE KNOW why France's team captain lost his cool in the World Cup finals and France lost the trophy to Italy --Terrorism. That's pure trickle-down politics. From the White House to the soccer pitch, "terrorist" has "cooties" and "your mother wears combat boots" flat beat as the top playground potty-mouth slur for the 21st century.

Who's surprised? The Bush administration has been scattering the word like ticker tape on a Manhattan parade. Old McDonald left the farm for the NSA, and now it's here a terrorist, there a terrorist, everywhere a terrorist.

Hey, who am I to disagree with that type of liberal logic. The president accurately pointing out that terrorism exists and we are war with those who practice the barbarity of terrorism has made the word "terrorist" into a “potty-mouth playground slur”. And it was that mindset that somehow caused Materazzi to degrade Zidane’s family, which in turn, forced the head-butt…I guess when Bush is to blame for everything, from creating stronger hurricanes in order kill the black people of New Orleans to the Sago mine accident, it’s not too much of a stretch to blame him for the Zidane incident. –When will it end?

I guess it just irks me to know that so many of the media ilk have the power of persuasion over the millions of easily mislead youths in America and in Europe. Look how effective they can be. People actually believe that Bush is evil, and hates gay people, hates black people, wants a theocracy, had a part in 9/11…millions of people truly believe all of that crap. And what’s even more frightening is that they believe it to the point where they tense up when they are met with reason and rational opinion.