Peace Activists go on Hunger Strike

First Gitmo detainees, then Saddam Hussein, and now the far-left…why am I not surprised? I guess it’s just another example of how much peace groups and members of Al Qaeda have in common.

It was
reported today that several Hollywood actors are joining Cindy Sheehan in a day long hunger strike. The strike is being used as a protest to the war in Iraq and to draw attention to the anti-war cause. Cindy herself is planning to go without food until Sept. 1st and the co-founder of Code Pink, Diane Wilson, claims she will not eat food until all American troops come home from Iraq. So naturally the question I have to ask is, “Is it OK for me to hope they starve to death”?

I did, in a way, hope that those activists who went to Iraq as human shields were hit by a 500 lb bomb. Unfortunately, the human shields fled upon finding out that Saddam Hussein wanted to place them at military targets to discourage air raids. It was funny because they actually believed Saddam was an individual that cared enough to place them in low risk areas…that’s how stupid anti-war nuts can be.

Anyway, some of the actors that have joined this protest are, of course, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn and the Castro-lover Danny Glover. Yup, the good ole boys of Hollywood are back and dumber than ever!

All of them are setting examples for the world to see. I mean, a whole day without food. My God! The agony caused by this deep sacrifice must be remembered for all time, don’t you think? Forget about Reagan’s face on Mount Rushmore; I say we nominate Sean Penn for President just to put his head atop that tribute to the great American presidents. And I know how much flying in private jets to their many mansions can really make them hungry…it’s just so hard to be rich.