The Shit Has Just Hit the Fan

“War” has broken out in the Middle East and Israel is now on the offensive after the kidnappings and acts of aggression perpetrated by the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Israel has struck targets in Lebanon including Beirut’s airport and military instillations as well as initiated a blockade on Lebanese air and sea interests. They have also struck Hezbollah headquarters and are now threatening to take out known residences of members of the terrorist group.- Bombing continues and will likely continue as long as these terrorist organizations refuse peace.

Breaking: It is now being reported that Israeli intelligence is suspecting Iranian Revolutionary Guard in a missile attack that has hit Haifa. Again, not a rocket but an actual missile has damaged the city and was likely launched by the Iranian special forces located in Lebanon; forces who happen to be partners with Hezbollah. If true it will likely further escalate what now seems to be a regional war.

Iran has provided material support and controls large sects of Hezbollah and is effectively waging military action on Israel via that group, as now seen. So what happens if this conflict escalates and Iran involves itself directly as might be the case with the missile attack? What would be the consequences of any such action? The United States has an obligation to protect the state of Israel and President Bush has rightly vowed to do so against any aggression. It is now, once again, up to the United States of America to stem what might become a full scale war between Iran, Syria, and Israel. But is it possible?

Will our help work or will this turn into something that we all know has been brewing for decades? Should the US even try to stem the violence, effectively weakening our hard-line stance, or should we support Israel militarily in their efforts to defend itself? Remember that Iran wants to destroy Israel and remember that they are currently developing nuclear weapons. So, if we step in to stop the violence we only strengthen their hand when they go on the offensive the next time. And imagine if Iran had nuclear weapons now; during this conflict. They would have the upper hand while we would be limited in our action. Given that, maybe now is the time. Strike Syria, strike Iran and unleash the full force of the Israeli Military! Perhaps the United States should use this opportunity to annihilate the government of Iran as well as every military target and nuclear facility they can. This war will happen now or later; and if it happens now, Iran and Syria will not have the nuclear capability.

I say that since this current conflict was not initiated by the Israelis they have the right to inflict as much damage as they see fit to defend themselves. However, the anti-Semitic elements in the UN including France are blaming Israel and condemning them for retaliating against Lebanon and Hezbollah. The United States was forces to veto a UN resolution condemning Israel for their reentrance into Gaza.
Update, 12:17pm Friday- Hezbollah leader calls for all out war
Update, 5:00pm Friday- Israeli Warship hit by explosive blast