Triple Story Saturday

-Coaches Torture Boys with Screws-

Two coaches at a local gym could face criminal charges for harming young athletes. Seminole County investigators said the coaches used drywall screws to discipline gymnasts... Seminole County sheriff's investigators said Coach Mike Turner and another coach repeatedly stabbed one of the boys and a brother with dry wall screws, breaking the skin on their buttocks, leaving permanent scarring. -Story-

Imagine if this happened at Gitmo. The world would catch on fire with anti-American protests calling for the prison to be closed. All hell would break loose.

-Kos Clown Wishes Israel Destroyed-

Imagine a world without Israel:
-Muslims, Jews, and Christians could live in peace without fear of mutual destruction.
-We could bring down the Wall, send prisoners home, and families could be reunited.
-We could dismantle checkpoints, open crossings, and pull down barbed wire fences.
-There would be no more settlements or armed settlers because the people would be united.
-No more suicide bombers or sniper fire, and no more dead civilians.
-No more targeted killings and hell-fire missiles, or systematic demolitions.
-Palestinians and Jews could live together and the world could address other issues.
-What a simpler place this world would be if there was no need for a Jewish majority - where there would otherwise be none.

Here we have someone from the Daily Kos lamenting the fact that Israel still exists. They actually think that if Israel was destroyed or would somehow disappear, peace would automatically follow. Jews and Muslims could live side by side with no more terrorism or violence. That is the classic anti-Israel pro-“freedom-fighter” mentality in a nutshell.

WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGEThe pre-dawn art show was the result of the third of five tests planned at White Sands Missile Range to determine the effectiveness of THAAD — Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile. And military officials said the test went better than they could have hoped... The test demonstrated the THAAD's ability to "completely destroy that warhead so that no chemical or nuclear residue would contaminate areas" below the explosion, Driessnack said.

I live right by White Sands Missile Range in the great city of Las Cruces where we get the privilege of not only being near a key instillation for national defense technology but we get to see Stealth fighters and bombers without having to worry about being bombarded. Near Las Cruces and White Sands is the actual home of the F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter. So we get to see them training all the time. In fact, just two days ago around the time of the major strikes against Lebanon, I saw two Fighters running a training mission…coicidence; are we getting prepared?