UN Whines about Being Targeted

Israeli Defense Forces successfully struck up to six UN observations posts recently. The strikes have caused widespread outrage and even Kofi Annan has spoken out. He claims that the IDF attacks were deliberate because the UN allegedly made several distress calls to the Israeli force indicating that they were being bombarded with artillery rounds and Laser Guided Munitions. Israel, as of now, is denying any deliberate attack on the observation posts but that seems unlikely if the reports of warnings are accurate.

So how do I feel about it…Let’s see. The UN actively works against America’s interests. They are notoriously anti-Semitic. They are horridly ineffectual when it comes to major world crises. By working against countries like the United States and Israel, the United Nations puts itself on the side of terrorists, or as they call them, “freedom fighters”. The UN props up dictators like Saddam Hussein and allows countries like North Korea and Iran to build nuclear weapons. They empower rogue entities like Iran, Cuba, China, and others. And the UN has very much endangered the lives of the American people and the US military…

Given that I have no condemnation towards Israel if they indeed purposely hit these UN stations. It’s possible they could have been assisting members of Hezbollah and or their sympathizers. I do, however, regret that individual peacekeepers were killed in the air strikes. But again, this is a war. So if the UN wants to be involved in this war and continues taking sides against Israel and their efforts to defend itself, then the UN should not be surprised if they are targeted.
Update, Friday: Killed UN observer's e-mail contradicts Kofi Annan
UN and Hezbollah side by side.