#1 President on Mid East Matters?

Jonathan Tobin, the executive editor of the Jewish Exponent, claimed on Your World with Neil Cavuto that President Bush has been the best president on Middle East matters in recent history. This opinion is based on what Tobin described as the removal of failed policies and the fact that George Bush has Israel’s back in regards to its military efforts to combat terrorism.

TOBIN: I think it's pretty easy to see why. Unlike President Carter and certainly President Clinton, who is the immediate past example, President Bush has gotten rid of some of the failed policies of the past, which, whenever there has been a crisis involving Israel and its Arab enemies, has -- the instinct has always been to appease the Arabs and try and pressure Israel not to take a military advantage or not to defend itself fully…What we've seen in the last month is an example of President Bush having Israel's back. He gave Israel the green light it needed to do what it thought it needed to do…

In my opinion, Mr. Tobin is accurate to say that President Bush has been a better President in terms of the Middle East and Israel than President Clinton or Carter. I only say that because it’s nearly impossible to be any worse than either Clinton or Carter in this regard. Through the unbelievable appeasement of both the Democratic leaders mentioned is where I believe groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda gained strength. If the Middle East is the maniac and terrorist groups are the weapon then Clinton and Carter would be the two dead people (America) who just got shot because they blindly hoped that if they begged the maniac he would spare them.

What we are seeing today, and even in Iraq, is the result of the failed policies of past Administrations and the United Nations who thought by putting off the inevitable, the inevitable would somehow go away. In that sense, George Bush has been a better force because he has removed the old mindset that has brought us to this point in the first place.

Many people will disagree because they think the Middle East has become a bloody mess. That war is not the answer and only makes things worse. Of Course, in my opinion, that’s a genuinely misguided view because that lack of action that they claim was peace is one of the main reasons we are in the predicament that we currently find ourselves. --- Overall, what would be the best policy for the United States to have?