Best Actress in a Bombing Role

By now you have read about the Reuters photos that were doctored to show a more devastating outlook of the Lebanese landscape. And you might have seen the other examples of pictures that looked staged for the public eye; like the Koran burning in the bombed out building. But the recent questions have been directed at the Associated Press for their use of an Israeli air strike victim.

It seems that the same woman was pictured at two different buildings in the same clothes wailing in agony over the loss of her home and family.
Reuters captured the grieving lady in front of her apartment screaming for the cameras and the Associated Press captured the woman 2 weeks later in front of another house which they also claimed was her home. Same lady, two different homes, both times mourning the loss of her property.

A Lebanese woman wails after looking at the wreckage of her apartment, in a building, that was demolished by the Israeli attacks in southern Beirut July 22, 2006. REUTERS/Issam Kobeisi

A Lebanese woman reacts at the destruction after she came to inspect her house in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, Saturday, Aug. 5, 2006, after Israeli warplanes repeatedly bombed the area overnight.(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

If only Hollywood actors were this good…She’s got my nomination!
Whether she was purposely used by the media to get the photo they wanted or if she is an operative of Anti-Israeli forces in Lebanon, is not yet determined. However, what I can say is that nothing coming out of the Middle East can really be trusted. Especially from news agencies that have a tendency to skew reality against Israel.
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